Be Our Guest

SKILL LEVEL : Intermediate

Invite your dinner party guests to take a seat at your holiday feast with holiday-themed place card napkin rings. A hand-stamped personalized touch will add a warm, welcoming decorative accent to your
tablescape that your guests will be sure to love!
P.S. They also make beautiful take-home favors!

Happy Holidays!

Step 1

Place bracelet blank on stamping block. Stamp design stamps of your choice on the ends of the bracelet blank. Hold stamp flat and firmly in place by anchoring the side of your hand on workspace. Then strike stamp once with medium force using Metal Stamping Hammer. Repeat until all designs are stamped. Set bracelet blank aside.

Note: Do NOT stamp the medallion circle of the bracelet blank.

Note: Large design stamps will extend off the edges of the bracelet blank.

TIP: Use stamp tape to secure the blank to the stamping block so it doesn’t move while stamping.

TIP: If the stamp has an ImpressArt logo, make sure it is facing you so that the impression is stamped in the correct direction.

TIP: Use the Tilt & Tap technique to stamp 6mm and larger stamps, or stamps with more details. While applying pressure to the stamp, strike once with medium force. Then without lifting stamp, continue to strike while very slightly tilting the stamp in a circular motion to catch all sides of the design.

Step 2

Place circle stamping blank on stamping bock. Adhere a straight or circle stamp guide on blank. Use the guidelines to evenly space out letters and align stamp impressions in either a straight line or on a curve.

TIP: Write desired message directly onto the stamp guide and utilize the guideline marks for spacing.

Step 3

Place stamp on blank, in line with the corresponding mark on the stamp guide. Lightly drag stamp towards the guide until the stamp catches the edge of the guide. Hold stamp flat and firmly in place. Then strike stamp once with medium force. Repeat to complete the desired date, initials, or word. Remove stamp guide.

TIP: Slightly tilt the stamp towards the guide while dragging the stamp. Make sure you hold the stamp flat and firmly in place before striking the stamp.

NOTE: For lowercase letters g, j, p, q, y: Place bottom of the stamp on the thin horizontal blue line that runs through the guide marks.

Step 4

Stamp design stamps of your choice around the stamped word to further personalize the blank.

Step 5

Highlight impressions with Stamp Enamel. Wait 3-5 minutes and then wipe away the excess enamel from the surface of the blanks.

Step 6

Use the Bracelet Bending Bar to bend the blank into a cuff shape. Place one end of the blank into the channel with the stamped side facing up. Firmly place your thumb against the end of the bracelet to secure it in place. Using the palm of your hand, bend the bracelet halfway around the bar until it forms a 90-degree angle. Repeat on the other side to finish shaping a bracelet.

Step 7

Continue to round out only the ends of the cuff with Bracelet Bending Pliers. Match the curvature of the pliers to the curvature of the bracelet. Then begin at each end of the bracelet and squeeze down. Work towards the center of the bracelet, stopping just before the medallion circle.

Note: Do NOT bend the medallion circle of the bracelet blank.

Step 8

Use flush cutters to cut the bail off the bezel.

Step 9

Use the jewelry adhesive to secure stamped circle blank inside the bezel. Then adhere the bezel to the circle medallion part of the bracelet. Allow the napkin ring to dry completely before using it.