SKILL LEVEL : Intermediate

Waterfalls symbolize the process of letting go and cleansing in order to achieve your future goals and desires. Channel your flow of energy into your hand-stamped pieces with the help of genuine semi-precious charms, each with their own unique metaphysical symbolism, healing properties, powers, and spiritual meaning. Hand stamp this bold, colorful Y Necklace and let go as you chase your next precious moment waterfall!

Step 1

Use flush cutters to cut the bail off the tag stamping blank. Use coarse grit on the Matte Finish Buffing Block to soften any sharp edges. Hold the buffing block in the palm of hand and use downward strokes with moderate pressure to file sharp edges. Repeat until edges are smooth to touch.

Note: Be sure not to scratch the surface of the blank.

Note: Matte Finish Buffing blocks can be used on all ImpressArt blanks excluding ImpressArt Artisan collection plated blank.

Step 2

Pierce holes on either side of the cut tag blank using the 1/16" punch of the Two Hole Screw Down Punch. Mark the desired location of the holes with a non permanent marker. Line up the screw punch with the mark on the stamping blank. Once the punch and the mark are aligned, simply turn the handle of the screw down punch until the screw punch pierces through the stamping blank, leaving a clean crisp hole. Then twist the handle of the screw down punch in the opposite direction to raise to raise the screw punch and remove blank. Wipe off any remaining marks.

TIP: Make sure not to screw the punch down too much as this will mar the surface of the blank and leave an unwanted impression of the base of the screw.

Step 3

Place tag blank on stamping block. Secure straight stamp guide on blank. Use guide marks to evenly space out letters and align stamp impressions.

TIP: Use stamp tape to secure the blank to the stamping block so it doesn’t move while stamping.

TIP: Write desired message directly onto the stamp guide and utilize the guideline marks for spacing.

Step 4

Place stamp on blank, above the corresponding mark on the stamp guide. Lightly drag stamp towards the guide until the stamp catches the edge of the guide. Strike the stamp once with medium force using Metal Stamping Hammer. Repeat to complete desired word. Remove stamp guide.

TIP: If the stamp has an ImpressArt logo, make sure it is facing you so that the impression is stamped in the correct direction.

TIP: Slightly tilt the stamp towards you while dragging the stamp towards the guide. Make sure you hold the stamp flat and firmly in place before striking the stamp.

Step 5

Highlight impressions and design detail with Stamp Enamel Marker. Wait 3-5 minutes and then wipe away excess from the surface of the blank.

Step 6

Use the fine and super fine grit on the High Polish Finishing Block to clean and buff metal to a high shine. Set stamped tag blank aside.

Note: High Polish Finish Blocks can be used on all ImpressArt blanks excluding ImpressArt Artisan collection plated blank.

Step 7

Fold the pre-made chain in half at the clasp. Use flush cutters to cut the chain in half. Then cut off an 1” of chain for one side and set aside. Cut from another chain, an extra piece at desired length for the charms to hang from.

TIP: Always wear protective eyewear when cutting chain. Protect your eyes and face by using your hand to create a shield around the jaw of the flush cutters jaws when cutting the chain.

Step 8

Use the tips of two chain nose pliers to grasp the sides of a jump ring, with the opening of the jump ring facing up between the two pliers. Laterally twist each side of the jump ring in opposite directions to open the ring. Slide stamped tag and short side of necklace chain onto the jump ring. Laterally twist the jump ring back with tension to close. Repeat jump ring technique to attach the 1” pieced of chain to the other side of the stamped tag. Then use a third jumpring to attach both sides of the necklace with the extra piece of cut chain hanging in the middle.

NOTE: Do NOT pull outwards on the jump ring as it will weaken the metal and distort the circular shape of the ring.

Step 9

Use the same jump ring technique to attach semi-precious charms to the center hanging chain.

Tip: Work from the bottom of your chain and work your way up. Use a large-sized crystal at the bottom of the chain to create a visual anchor and give the hanging chain some weight.