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Custom Metal Stamp

Basic Bridgette Number Stamps

Size: 3mm (will stamp numbers approximately 3mm tall)
Availability: In stock

ImpressArt's Bridgette number stamps have that hand-written, finger-brushed look, but are also crisp and easy to read. This graceful, whispy typeface is perfect for upbeat messages and softer-looking stamped jewelry and craft designs.

In order to prevent rust, these stamp sets are lightly coated with oil. Simply wipe down with a dry paper towel or rag before using. (Avoid wiping with anything wet - water will cause stamps to rust.)

  • Size: 3mm (will stamp numbers approximately 3mm tall)
  • For stamping soft metals including aluminum, pewter, alkeme, copper, brass, and nickel silver
  • Includes numbers 0-8 (6 used for 9)