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Custom Metal Stamp

School of Stamping Level 1 Kit

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Master the basics and learn to stamp like a pro with ImpressArt’s School of Stamping progressive tutorial program.

New to metal stamping? This kit conveniently bundles all of the tools & materials needed to make all of our Level 1 School of Stamping tutorials. The kit includes all the essential tools needed to start hand stamping and enough materials to practice and make 3-4 of each Level 1 project.

Already have an ImpressArt starter kit or want additional practice making Level 1 projects? The Level 1 Materials Kit has all the stamping blanks and findings needed to practice and make 3-4 of each Level 1 project.

Level 1 Projects:

Tools Included:

  • Ergo-Angle™ Hammer - Produces deep, crisp impressions
  • Large Steel Block - Provides solid work surface for stamping
  • Stamp Tape - Safely secures blanks to steel block without leaving any residue
  • Stamp Guide Book - Contains 72 sticker guides to help evenly space out letters and align stamped impressions in a straight line, on a curve, or in a pattern>
  • Stamp Enamel Marker - Darkens stamped impressions
  • Bridgette™ Signature Letter Stamps, Uppercase, 3mm - Forged from hardened steel and rated to endure stamping on soft and hard metals up to Stainless Steel*. Lightly coated with oil to prevent rust. Character marked on side of the stamp for easy identification & orientation. Storage case with labeled slots for each stamp. Includes full uppercase alphabet and 7 bonus design stamps

Materials Included:

  • (24) 3D Aluminum Cube, 1/4"
  • (8) 3D Rectangle, Aluminum
  • (4) Ball Chain Necklaces, 24”, Aluminum
  • (3) Bottle Openers w/ Split Key Rings
  • (6) Split Key Rings