Starter & Tutorial Kits

Everything You Need to Get Started

New to metal stamping? Get all the essential tools you need to get started hand stamping metal jewelry & keepsakes, plus blanks to make projects. Whether you are looking to design your own path with our Starter Kits or for a guided learning experience with our School of Stamping Tutorial Kits, eliminate the guesswork of picking out the right tools and supplies.

Starter Kit

It’s now easier than ever to start hand stamping!
Conveniently bundled essential tools, plus blanks, ensure an easy and successful introductory experience.

Learn to stamp like a pro with ImpressArt’s School of Stamping Tutorials! A comprehensive, hands-on 3-level learning program, designed to teach a variety of hand stamping and basic jewelry making techniques.

With bundled tools and materials and a guided learning experience, our tutorials will help you quickly advance and become an expert hand stamper. As you progress to levels 2 and 3 of our School of Stamping Tutorials, just purchase the tool and material bundle for those levels to keep learning, making, and building your toolbox.

Level 1-Beginner

Be introduced to the basics of hand stamping with School of Stamping Level 1 Projects.
Pick a Starter Kit and a theme SIY Project Bundle, and start learning and stamping. It's that easy!
Learn how to get a full impression & stamp in a straight line.

Level 2-Intermediate

Continue to build your hand stamping skills and toolbox with the tools and the stamping
blanks needed to create the most popular hand-stamped cuffs and necklaces!
Learn how to stamp on a curve, texture, and bend bracelets.

Level 3-Advanced

You are on your way to becoming a hand stamping pro and having the ultimate toolbox!
Learn and master advanced stamping techniques all while creating artisan-quality statement pieces.
Learn how to stamp mandala patterns, dap, set crystals, and more!