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Custom Metal Stamp

Inspiration Word Ring Bundle

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It’s now easier than ever to start hand stamping rings. Whether you are new to hand stamping or already have the essentials, we got you covered. Conveniently bundled essential tools (if you need them), Ring Bending Pliers, ring blanks, thematic design stamps, embellishments, and more ensure and easy and successful experience. Now go ahead, select the bundle that's 'ringing' for you!


  • ImpressArt Ring Bending Pliers
  • (4) Aluminum Ring Blanks, 1/4" x 2 1/4" (Sizes 7-9), 18 gauge
  • (4) Aluminum Wrap Ring Blanks, 1/4" x 3" (Sizes 8-10), 18 gauge
  • "Faith" Signature Design Stamp, 6mm
  • "Love" Signature Design Stamp, 6mm
  • "Hope" Signature Design Stamp, 6mm

Also available with additional tools:

  • Ergo-Angle™ Hammer
  • Small Steel Block
  • Stamp Straight Tape
  • Stamp Enamel Sample