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Stamped Metal Bottle Cap Jewelry

by Margot Potter on May 16, 2013

Stamped Metal Bottle Cap Jewelry
ImpressArt makes it so easy to turn old bottle caps into fabulous Stamped Metal Bottle Cap Jewelry! As a collector of all things vintage, I have a long standing love of vintage graphics. I’m a big fan of bottle caps and have been making jewelry with them for years. You can opt to show the graphics or turn your caps over and fill them with resin and collage elements. I couldn’t hide these festive caps, but adding some stamped charms to the bottom really made them pop.

Pun intended…wah, wah.

People have different names for soda all over the country, they call it pop in the Midwest, soda in the Northeast and in the Southeast it’s all called coke…as in: I’ll have a coke. What kind? An orange coke, please.

What do they call it where you live? Soda, pop, coke, soda pop…something else?

Whatever you call it, when you drink a bottle save the cap for some upcycled jewelry! You can find the vintage caps on eBay and Etsy, I got these at our local Hobby Lobby store. Add some stamped flower charms to give them a little whimsy and you’ve got a festive jewelry set that’s calorie free, but big on style!  You can get the instructions to make your own Stamped Metal Bottle Cap Jewelry using ImpressArt stamps, blanks and tools on the ImpressArt Website!


Margot Potter

Margot Potter is an internationally celebrated designer, author, mixed media artist, trash to treasure trover, freelance writer, consultant, public speaker, actor and vocalist and TV personality who creates innovative designs for manufacturers, books and magazines and teaches popular seminars and classes at craft and major jewelry industry events. Approaching everything with her signature sense of humor, boundless curiosity and copious amounts of joie de vivre, she feels that if it’s not fun, it’s simply not worth doing. She invites people to not only think outside of the box, but to tear it up, repurpose it into something fabulous and stand on it to reach for the stars. Visit her fashion and style blog for more DIY inspiration: DIY Doyenne.

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