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About Us

How ImpressArt started:

ImpressArt is a family-owned business founded in 2010 by Adam and Jeff Wolter, two entrepreneurs who enjoy providing for others the tools to make unique jewelry and keepsakes, helping others become entrepreneurs themselves.

The two brothers have had their hands in the tool business their entire lives, as the Wolter family has been in the hand tool business for over 60 years. In 1952, Adam and Jeff’s grandfather and his brother came to the United States with nothing but the shirts on their backs. After several failed ventures, the two brothers found success in the tool business supplying local hardware stores across the country.

Adam and Jeff grew up in the family business and learned the ins and outs of every aspect it entailed. In the mid 1990’s, the two aspiring entrepreneurs spearheaded a retail website for the tool business and started selling hand and hobby tools online.

In 2010, when Adam and Jeff decided to start their own small business, they found an unexpected opportunity in people purchasing industrial metal stamp sets from them. The people buying their metal stamps, they realized, weren’t using them for industrial purposes, but to make personalized jewelry pieces and keepsakes. Seeing great potential in this niche market, just one year later, the brothers established the brand now known as ImpressArt.

Who is ImpressArt?

At ImpressArt we eat, sleep, and breathe jewelry making and hand stamping. We help creative people of all skill levels make beautiful things and become creative entrepreneurs. We love what we do.

ImpressArt empowers artisans to make everything from personalized, one-of-a-kind jewelry and keepsakes to small production runs. Our innovative tools, on-trend supplies, and educational approach are all designed to help everyone from those just getting started to the experienced artisan along their creative journey.

Customer Service

All of our customer service team members are trained stampers available to answer any hand stamping questions that may come up on your hand stamping journey.

Our Creative Team

Our creative team consists of a small yet extremely talented team of artists who create everything from the stamp designs to marketing materials.

An Education Manager is responsible for ensuring customer success in using our products to achieve excellent results.

Our expert Hand Stamper and Design Director not only keeps up with industry trends and makes them available to our customers through our products, but also develops and tests all new products to guarantee the highest quality and standards.

Designed by Artists, For Artists

Our stamps are all designed in-house by our team of artists. We design our innovative, easy-to-use tools to make stamping accessible for users at all levels to ensure that they get great impressions.

The World Leader in the Art of Hand Stamping

Today ImpressArt is recognized worldwide as the leader and only company focused on the art of hand stamping. Our innovative, one-of-a-kind tools and supplies make it easy for anyone to create high-quality, personalized jewelry and keepsakes.

We want to help you make professional quality, hand-stamped pieces that stand out, whether it’s for yourself, a gift for someone else, or an item being sold through your business. If you have any questions, concerns, feedback, or just want to share your passion with us, please contact us at any time. We’d love to hear from you!

Happy Stamping!