• What if I do not have stamp ready artwork?

    We will convert your artwork and optimize it for metal stamping by converting it to line art and removing all colors, gradients, and shading. On 3mm and 4mm stamps, text and fine details may be removed. If the submitted artwork must be substantially altered or redesigned we may request new artwork.

  • How do I go about having a design created for me if I don't have artwork?

    We do not currently offer design services for creating a design from scratch. For recommendations on where you can obtain artwork, reach out to our customer support team at: [email protected]

  • Can I submit a sketch?

    Yes, we can convert a sketch into a stamp but please note the design on the stamp will have the same imperfections as the submitted sketch.

  • Do I need to flip my artwork?

    No, please submit your artwork as you want it to appear as an impression.

  • Can I order multiple stamps?

    Yes, to order multiple stamps you must upload an image and add to cart one at a time