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Custom Metal Stamp

"Mandala Me Crazy" Design Stamp Bundle

Impression Size: 6mm
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Mandalas are a repetitious, circular pattern, made from combining multiple design stamps. Mandala jewelry is trendy, in-style, and so easy to make! Combine these three (3) mandala stamp packs endlessly to create beautiful, intricate jewelry designs.


  • Mandala Pack, Series 1 Stamp Pack, 4 Pc
    • Leaf, 4mm
    • Swirl, 4mm
    • Large Flower, 6mm
    • Small Petals, 3mm
  • Mandala Pack, Series 2 Stamp Pack, 4 Pc
    • Large Teardrop, 6mm
    • Curved Wishbone, 6mm
    • Small Teardrop, 6mm
    • Small Oval, 3mm
  • Mandala Pack, Series 3 Stamp Pack, 4 Pc
    • V Shape, 4mm
    • Fan Shape, 4mm
    • Sand Clock Shape, 3mm
    • Wide Wishbone, 6mm