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Custom Metal Stamp

Bracelet Bending Bar Kit

Includes Bending Bar & Blanks
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Easily shapes soft metal bracelet blanks into a classic, flat top cuff shape that sits nicely on the wrist with ImpressArt's Bracelet Bending Bar Kit.

Our Bracelet Bending Bar kit bundles two different-sized aluminum bracelet blanks along with our bracelet bending bar to help you get started stamping personalized cuff bracelets that you can wear, gift, and sell.

Kit includes:

  • ImpressArt Bracelet Bending Bar
  • (4) Aluminum Bracelet Blanks, 1/4" x 6", 14 gauge
  • (4) Aluminum Bracelet Blanks, 3/8" x 6", 14 gauge

To use:

  • 1) Place one end of blank into the channel with the stamped side facing up. Firmly place your thumb against the end of the bracelet to secure it in place.
  • 2) Using the palm of your hand, bend the bracelet half way around the bar until it forms a 90-degree angle, making sure not to over bend.
  • 3) Remove, place straight end into channel, and repeat to finish shaping the bracelet.
  • To achieve a perfectly round cuff, continue with the Bracelet Bending Pliers. Learn more on our Bracelet Bending technique page.