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Custom Metal Stamp

7/8" Tapered Bracelet Stamping Blanks, Aluminum, 5 Pack

These Metal Bracelet Blanks have a flat contour designed specially for use with metal stamps. Specially made for use with ImpressArt's Bracelet Bending Bar.
Availability: In stock
  • Length: 5"
  • Width: 7/8" (Tapers to 1/2")
  • Metal: Aluminum (14 ga.)
  • (5) Blanks per pack

*ImpressArt Bracelet Blanks are transitioning to a new look and feel. Aluminum bracelets will now be made out of the same high-quality alloy as our other aluminum blanks which is more malleable, making them easier to stamp and bend. Bracelets in all metals will soon feature new square-shaped ends providing a more comfortable feel and a sleeker more timeless look than the current rounded ends. *Note: Certain shapes, sizes, and materials may transition sooner than others.