Food for My Soul- Stamped Silverware Wind Chime

DIY Silverware Windchime

Tools Needed


Step 1

Hammer silverware flat inside sock on piece of wood.

Metal Stamping

Step 2

Measure and mark lines on silverware for placement of words.

Metal Stamping

Step 3

To metal stamp the silverware, line the edge of the letters along the lines. To get the words centered, start with the center letter and work your way out.

DIY Silverware Windchime

Step 4

Drill hole in top handle of silverware pieces

Metal Stamping

Step 5

Apply some stamp enamel into stamped words or on all silverware pieces to create an aged and weathered look.

DIY Silverware Windchime

Step 6

Use fine steel wool to buff any excess paint from around stamped words and silverware.

Step 7

Use beading wire to bead around a few pieces. DO NOT bead all silverware pieces or you will mute the chiming sound.

DIY Silverware Windchime

Step 8

String silverware with clear monofilament through drilled hole in handle and add extra beads to monofilament, if desired.

Step 9

String silverware to a base to hang from.

Step 10

Hang windchime and enjoy your ‘Soul Food’.

DIY Silverware Windchime