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Hawthorn Ultra Detail Stamp, 12mm

Impression Size: 12mm
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Celebrate a birthday or any day with a hand stamped keepsake or jewelry with our Ultra Detail 12mm Birth Month Flower Collection. Whether you want to create a piece in honor of a birthday, to convey the meaning behind a special flower, or to simply give the gift of a pretty blossom, our set of 12 flower stamps features highly-detailed impressions that make a standout statement on any handcrafted creation.

MAY – Hawthorn:

The delicate white flowers of the thorny Hawthorn tree blossom in May and are a symbol of duality and balance. This dainty flower promises hope and happiness for the receiver, making it a thoughtful gift for those with a May birthday. It’s also a symbol of motherhood, so a hand stamped keepsake with this flower also makes for a perfect Mother’s Day gift.

ImpressArt Ultra Detail Stamps are precision cut using state-of-the-art technology to produce sharp lines and ornate patterns that are rarely achieved on metal stamps. These revolutionary new stamps are made-to-order and produce impressions with incredible detail.

  • Ultra-fine details
  • Impression size: 12mm
  • Design marked on side for easy identification and orientation
  • Will stamp soft metals including brass, copper, aluminum, Alkemè, pewter, gold, silver, and nickel silver as well as clay and wood. Not made for use on hard metals such as stainless steel
  • Large stamps may require practice and proper technique to stamp the full impression
  • Ultra Detail stamps are made to order - Please allow up to 15-20 days for processing

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