Metal Letter Stamp Guide

Picking the right letter stamp set for your metal craft and jewelry making can be challenging with so many choices available. We have provided this guide to explain the differences between these sets and help you pick the best alphabet metal stamps for your stamped jewelry and craft projects.

Stamp Size

The metal stamp size refers to the height of the stamped impression. For alphabet metal stamps, the size is based on the average letter height. Note that the size of the impressions can vary depending on the material used and the striking force.

Orientation and Identification

The letters on metal stamps are forged backwards as a mirror image of the impression. This can make it easy to mistakenly stamp a letter backwards. To assist in orienting the stamps properly, most ImpressArt letter stamps have the ImpressArt logo etched on the front of the shaft. Simply hold the letter stamp with the logo facing you and you will never stamp another letter backwards. Alternatively, if the stamps don’t have the orientation logo on the shaft you can mark the front of the stamps yourself with paint.

Identifying the letters in stamp sets with intricate typefaces can be difficult. For this reason certain alphabet stamp sets have the letter etched on the side of the metal shaft.

Letter Stamp Typefaces

Letter stamps come in a variety of unique uppercase and lowercase typefaces that will create different looks for your stamped jewelry and crafts. Keep in mind the larger the stamp and more elaborate the typeface, the more force you will have to use to stamp a clean impression. For this reason, we recommend that beginners start with simpler alphabet letter stamps like Scarlett’s Signature or Bridgette. Intricate letter sets like Royal Crest and Canterbury are recommended for those comfortable wielding a hammer.