Disco Fever


Texturing is a fun and easy way to get into metal stamping! Turn your creative frustrations from 2020 into beautiful Artisan-inspired textured earrings to wear throughout 2021. Pair your textured, New Year’s Disco Ball Drop earrings with textured cuff bracelets to create a unique textured assemble! Happy New Year!

Step 1

Place texture stamp of your choice in the Multi-Function Hammer, with the notch in the stamp facing down (when notch is available). Secure stamp in hammer by tightening the screw at the bottom of the handle.

Step 2

Set circle blank on stamping block. Hold the hammer with your palm of your hand over the screw and use one finger, off to the side, to hold the blank in place. Then stamp the blank repeatedly with medium force until the entire blank is textured. Repeat on remaining blank.

TIP: Use stamp tape to secure the blank to the stamping block so it doesn't move while texturing. You will be able to texture the blank through the tape.

TIP: Make sure you don't over texture the hole on the blank.

Step 3

Place blank, texture side up, inside dapping cavity on dapping block. Hold punch in center of blank and tap the punch with the Metal Stamping Hammer until blank is evenly domed into a concave shape. Repeat on remaining circle blank.

Step 4

Buff textured blanks to a brilliant, high-shine finish using High Polish Finish Blocks. Use fine grit to quickly clean and polish blanks. Hold buffing block in the palm of the hand and move the block in even, back and forth strokes to remove dirt and dried enamel left on the raised surfaces. Use extra fine grit for buffing to a high shine. Hold buffing block in the palm of hand and buff in tiny, back and forth strokes with light pressure to get a mirror-like shine.

Step 5

Use chain nose pliers to open ear wire by slightly pulling out the ear wire ball. Slide blank, textured side first, onto the back of the ear wire. Swivel the blank around so it clears the bend and sits in the bottom curve of the wire. Use chain nose pliers to gently push the ball back in to secure the blank to the ear wire. Repeat to complete matching earring.