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Custom Metal Stamp

Signature Ergo-Angle™ Metal Stamping Hammers

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Three new sizes of sleek new Signature Ergo-Angle™ Hammers to accommodate all types of stamping. Achieve the best possible stamped impressions with the right size hammer.

  • 4oz - Light Stamping - Designed for stamping less-detailed 4mm and smaller stamps on soft metals like aluminum, Alkeme™, and pewter.*
  • 1lb - Medium Stamping - Designed for stamping detailed 4mm to less-detailed 9.5mm stamps on soft and medium metals like silver, gold, brass, and copper.*
  • 2lb - Heavy Stamping - Designed for stamping detailed 6mm and up stamps on medium and hard metals like stainless steel.*

*Suggested use only. Actual stamp sizes and metals will vary per stamper.