Level 2

Step 1

Rotate stamping block so it’s positioned in a diamond shape. Place bracelet blank horizontally on stamping block. Secure bracelet stamp guide in the center of the bracelet blank. Use the guide marks to evenly space out letters and align stamp impressions.

TIP: Use stamp tape to secure the blank to the stamping block so it doesn’t move while stamping.

TIP: Write desired message directly onto the stamp guide and utilize the guideline marks for spacing.

TIP: For 1/4” bracelets, make sure the top thin blue horizontal line that runs through the guide marks matches up with the bottom edge of the bracelet blank. For 3/8” bracelets, match up the middle, blue side mark on the guide with the bottom edge of the bracelet blank. For 5/8” bracelets, match up the bottom, blue side mark on the guide with the bottom edge of the bracelet blank.

Step 2

Place stamp on bracelet blank. Lightly drag stamp towards the guide until the stamp catches the edge of the guide. Hold stamp flat and firmly in place by anchoring the side of hand on workspace. Then strike stamp once with medium force using Metal Stamping Hammer. Repeat to complete desired word. Remove stamp guide.

TIP: If the stamp has an ImpressArt logo, make sure it is facing you so that the impression is stamped in the correct direction.

TIP: Slightly tilt the stamp towards you while dragging the stamp towards the guide. Make sure you hold the stamp flat and firmly in place before striking the stamp.

Step 3
Highlight impressions with Stamp Enamel. Wait 3-5 minutes and then dab the excess enamel into the impressions with a paper towel before lightly wiping it away from the surface of the bracelet blank.
Step 4
Use the Bracelet Bending Bar to bend the blank into a cuff shape. Place one end of blank into the channel with the stamped side facing up. Firmly place your thumb against the end of the bracelet to secure it in place. Using the palm of your hand, bend the bracelet half way around the bar until it forms a 90-degree angle. Repeat on the other side to finish shaping the bracelet.
Step 5
Continue to round out the cuff with Bracelet Bending Pliers. Match the curvature of the pliers to the curvature of the bracelet. Then begin in the center of the bracelet and squeeze down. Work towards each end to give bracelet a rounded finish.