Cuff Bracelet

Tools Needed

Step 1

Place blank on steel block. Secure bracelet stamp guide in the center of the bracelet blank. Use guide marks to evenly space out letters and align stamp impressions.

Step 2

Hold stamp on blank. Drag stamp towards the guide until the stamp catches the edge of the guide. Strike the stamp once with medium force using Ergo-Angle Hammer. Repeat to complete desired word.

Step 3

Highlight impressions with Stamp Enamel Marker. Wait 3-5 minutes and wipe away excess.

Step 4

Use the Bracelet Bending Bar to bend the blank into a cuff shape. Place one end of blank into the channel with the stamped side facing up and hold securely. Bend the bracelet halfway around the bar and repeat on the other side.

Step 5

Continue to round out the cuff with Bracelet Bending Pliers. Begin in the center of the bracelet and squeeze down. Work towards each end to give bracelet a rounded finish.