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Stay Grounded

SKILL LEVEL : Intermediate

Sometimes we need a few daily reminders to get us through the day. Remember to stay grounded in the present moment as you follow your dreams with the help of a secret hand-stamped message on the inside of a wrap ring.
"when fears are grounded, dreams take flight."

Step 1

Make a ring sizer by cutting a ¼”x6” strip of paper. Wrap it snugly arounfd the base of your finger. Mark the point on the paper where it overlaps a bit to make a wrap ring. Measure the length of the paper to give you the circumference of your finger. Mark this measurement on the bracelet blank. Cut bracelet blank using metal shears.

Step 2

Use coarse grit on the Matte Finish Buffing Block to soften any sharp edges. Hold the buffing block in the palm of hand and use downward strokes with moderate pressure to file sharp edges. Repeat until edges are smooth to touch.

Note: Be sure not to scratch the surface of the blank.

(Optional) Buff surface of the blank to a matte finish using Matte Finish Buffing Blocks. Use medium grit to create a brushed matte textured surface. Hold buffing block in palm of hand and use even, smooth downward strokes to buff the surface to a matte finish. Repeat until desired texture is achieved.

Step 3

Adhere a scratch protector on the block to reduce marring when stamping on both sides of the blank. Then place the blank on the stamping block.

TIP: Use stamp tape to secure the bracelet blank to the stamping block so it doesn’t move while stamping.

Step 4

Secure straight stamp guide on the blank. Use guide marks to evenly space out letters and align stamp impressions. For 1/4” bracelets, make sure the top thin, blue horizontal line that runs through the guide marks matches up with the bottom edge of the bracelet blank.

TIP: Write desired message directly onto the stamp guide and utilize the guideline marks for spacing.

Step 5

Place stamp on the blank, above the corresponding mark on the stamp guide. Lightly drag stamp towards the guide until the stamp catches the edge of the guide. Hold stamp flat and firmly in place by anchoring the side of your hand on workspace. Then strike the stamp once with medium force using Metal Stamping Hammer. Repeat to complete desired word. Remove stamp guide and flip the bracelet over.

TIP: If the stamp has an ImpressArt logo, make sure it is facing you so that the impression is stamped in the correct direction.

TIP: Slightly tilt the stamp towards you while dragging the stamp towards the guide. Make sure you hold the stamp flat and firmly in place before striking the stamp.

NOTE: For lowercase letters g, j, p, q, y: Place bottom of the stamp on the thin horizontal blue line that runs through the guide marks.

Step 6

Stamp design stamps of your choice around the stamped word to further personalize the blank. Use the Tilt & Tap technique to stamp 6mm and larger stamps, or stamps with more details. While applying pressure to the stamp, strike once with medium force. Then without lifting stamp, continue to strike while very slightly tilting the stamp in a circular motion to catch all sides of the design.

Flip the bracelet over and repeat stamping technique to finish stamping the ring.

Step 7

Highlight impressions with Stamp Enamel. Wait 3-5 minutes and then dab the excess enamel into the impressions with a paper towel before lightly wiping it away from the surface of the blank. Repeat on the other side.

Step 8

Buff stamped blank to a brilliant, high-shine finish using High Polish Finish Blocks. Use fine grit to quickly clean and polish blanks. Hold buffing block in the palm of the hand and move the block in even, back and forth strokes to remove dirt and dried enamel left on the raised surfaces. Use extra fine grit for buffing to a high shine. Hold buffing block in the palm of hand and buff in tiny, back and forth strokes with light pressure to get a mirror-like shine.

Step 9

After stamping and polishing are complete, use the Ring Bending Pliers to bend the ring blank into a wrap ring shape. Match the curvature of the nylon jaws to the desired curvature of the ring. Starting at the end of the ring blank, squeeze pliers to begin forming. Continue to squeeze and release pliers towards the opposite end until the two sides meet. Laterally pull the two sides of the blank slightly apart. Continue forming until the ring is perfectly round.